Reference One Lautsprecher


Since its inception, the TAD Reference One has quickly become the established reference point for speaker systems in the new era of high definition audio. This ultra high end speaker system is based on highly advanced technology developed by TAD (Technical Audio Devices), creators of studio monitors favored by leading sound studios around the world. It employs carefully selected materials and parts, and benefits from scrupulous, even relentless, attention to detail, backed by our design theory and testing ability. The result is a sound field of flawless purity that achieves unprecedented professional audio artistry. The TAD Reference One realizes richly resonant sound of which has never been heard before.


  • "The TAD Reference One is among a handful of the world’s great loudspeakers, epitomizing low coloration, tremendous micro- and macro-dynamic agility, low distortion, high resolution, and a stunning sense of transparency."
  • "So gnadenlos genau und doch auch genussvoll groovend gehen sonst nur geregelte Aktivboxen zur Sache, die pegelmäßig kaum an die TAD heranreichen."

Technische Daten

Modell TAD-R1 (Reference One MK2)
Konstruktionsprinzip 3-Wege Bassreflex (Aerodynamic Port System)
Chassis Hochtonchassis/Mitteltonchassis: Koaxialanordnung: 3.5cm Beryllium / 16cm Beryllium
Tieftonchassis: 2x 25cm TLCC Treiber
Leistungsdaten Übertragungsbereich: 21Hz - 100kHz
Übergangsfrequenzen: 250Hz, 2kHz
Belastbarkeit: 300W
Kennschalldruck: 90dB (2.83V, 1m)
Impedanz: 4Ω
Besonderheiten CST* Koaxial-Chassis (*Coherent Source Transducer)
BEryllium Vaporisierungsverfahren
TLCC* Tieftöner (*Tri-Laminate Composite Cone)
OFGMS* (*Optimized Field Geometry Magnet Structure)
SILENT* Gehäuse (*Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology)
Aerodynamic Port System
Andere Gewicht: 150kg (1 Stück)
Abmessungen: 554mm (B) × 1293mm (H) × 698mm (T)
Oberflächen Sapeli Pommelé Furnier
Klavierlack Schwarz
Lieferumfang Komplettset Spikes und Unterlegscheiben, Kabelbrücken, Microfasertuch, Benutzerhandbuch
1. January 2013

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1. November 2016
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